Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Anonymous

New challenge for me: Blogging A to Z.

This is the third year, I believe, that this blogging challenge has been going on, but the first time I am joining in.  I noted that some of the participants in Sunday Stamps had done this challenge last year.
So: A is for April, and A is for Anonymous.  My real name is not Viridian, of course.  I felt I needed a name to protect my identity and that of my family.  (When we get to V I will explain the origin of my name!)  I am glad now that I did this.  No need to associate the meanderings of this blog to my work identity or, to embarrass my children!
I could I suppose, use this anonymity to rant on politics or religion, child-rearing practices or the people who annoy me.  But no, I will not.  I hope to use this month to share some things I like, share a few kid stories perhaps, and flex my writing muscles.  Expect some quilt blocks and reports on my progess (great for the letter Q).


Bob Scotney said...

Good to see you on A-Z; and at last we will be able to beat the Anonymous firewall that surrounds your name - even if we have to wait for 'V'.

Marcie said...

Welcome to the challenge and good luck. Can't wait for V :-)

Tami Von Zalez said...

Yeah, I blog under a pseudonym too. More fun that way!

Popped in from the AtoZ Challenge.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Welcome to the challenge. Sometimes being Anonymous is good. lol

If you have a chance, I'm at:
Karen's Shenanigans

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