Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for stamps

When I started Postcrossing I was excited about receiving postcards from around the world. A card from Finland! A card from England! A card from China!  Some with tourist scenes on them, some with reproductions of art on them, all sorts.

It was only later, at least 6 months later, that I began to really study the stamps on these postcards.  Other countries have 'regular issue' stamps, as we do, and you see them again and again.  Then, I would notice beautiful stamps like these, from Russia:

Or perhaps these:
What a world is seen in the microcosm of stamps.  I therefore started my meme, Sunday Stamps, which has been going strong since January 2011.  You may join in with your stamps  on every Sunday, on my other blog,
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Bob Scotney said...

No surprise at all for me. I enjoy your Sunday Stamps meme so much as it exposes us to stamps we would normally never see.

Hope too be back next week now that I am improving and my third computer in the last 11 days is behaving itself.

Poke The Rock said...

i bring stamps back from ireland for the dad of one of my friends he collects them, just because of him i noticed stamps. there are some real gems

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