Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quilt, of course!

If you follow this blog you knew this was coming. Quilting is my main hobby. Yes, I would give up Postcrossing and continue quilting. Not much is getting done lately, so I looked through old blog postings to show you a quilt.

 This is my nosegay quilt, in the midst of being quilted, by the piece.  The prints are actual old fabric, some of it feedsack.  The solids and the white fabric are new.  I haven't touched this since some time in 2010!! it might be time to return to this project.  It is still in the hoop, just as you see it.


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1 comment:

Poke The Rock said...

show me more pictures of quilts!! so this one would be a longtime in the making

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