Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Offspring

First, let me express my sadness for what what happened in Boston, and my sympathies for those families who are hurting. However, this does not begin with the letter O.

O today stands for offspring, as in children.  One day they are sweet babies, then the next little terrors.  One day  they are funny, intelligent teenagers, the next they are little terrors.  This morning my eldest was more of a little terror, and his two siblings were annoyed but mostly tolerant.

No names, no pictures on this blog, to protect our family's privacy.



Karen Michelle Nutt said...

I have three children. All grown now-- 25yrs, 21yrs and 19yrs. However, I remember those days of terror. lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. :)

Poke The Rock said...

we do what we kids.

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