Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Joy

I must admit right up front that I am stealing this idea for J from Marcie at Marcie's Postbox.

She writes about the joy she gets upon receiving a postcard from Postcrossing in her mailbox. And I admit I feel the same.  In Postcrossing, you send out postcards to people you are randomly matched with, and as the postcards arrive, they are registered.  Then your name goes in the queue to receive a postcard.  This is the joyous part for me - what surprise will be in my mailbox?  A pretty card, an interesting stamp?  A postcard such as:

Oh, just another German village.  But this is so different compared to the dull and new American Midwest. And some of the kind messages and good wishes that Postcrossers send are wonderful to read.  I try to pick interesting card and send good wishes out when I send cards.
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