Friday, July 29, 2011

Pink Saturday July 30

As in two posts ago, I am sharing some tobacco rugs.  This time though, it's for Pink Saturday.  See what other pink people are sharing!


Jane is back in the house!!!

After a longer hiatus that I thought, I am back at my blocks in the style of Jane Stickle.

This is B-12, or Starflower.  In looking at my spreadsheet I realize I must have prepped this block in the fall of 2009!  I had just seen Jane's quilt (the Mother quilt) and had been blown away by it.  I prepped this block as reverse applique, as that is how the block appeared to be done in the mother quilt.  (That is machine stay stitching around the outside). I did one leaf shape and stopped.

Why?  I think I now know why.  I am, I must admit, 50.  No matter if they say 50 is the new 30 (ha!) the fact is your vision changes.  With mature eyesight I must hold things farther away to focus on them, and then I can't see the detail.  Or I take off my glasses and hold things very close and suffer eyestrain.  Of course I am too proud to go to my eye doctor and talk about progressive lenses (that used to be called bifocals)!  Not me, not yet!

Well I hunkered down and finished this block.  And I think I will revisit my notes and continue on.  I have done so much already.  Now to find everything.  I have moved my quilting stuff from an upstairs bedroom to a newly refinished basement.

138 blocks, 42 triangles, 1 corner, 4227 pieces.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vintage Thingie Thursday July 27

Happy Wednesday! I am joining Coloradolady for Vintage Thingy Thursday.

I know these as dollhouse rugs, and they work wonderfully for that purpose.  I inherited some from my mom for my dollhouse.  I found out much later that these are premiums given away in tobacco products (cigars or cigarettes, I am not sure) to encourage smoking!  Back in the early 1900's of course this was quite legal, and done a lot.  More information is at this link.  I have shown other kinds of premiums on my blog before.

Happy Vintage Thingy Thursday!!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vintage Thingie Thurdsay July 21

The family and I stayed at a lovely little cottage on Cape Cod in Massachusetts a few weeks ago now.  I'd like to share one more set of pictures from this cottage.

Decorating was an electic mix of cast-offs, but one bedroom was decorated in cottage style.    There was a sweet little shelf above the double bed with delightful teapots and plates.

As these were not my items and they looked delicate, I did not pick them up and check if they were from the USA, Japan, or  England.  Just enjoy.  And look at the detail on that shelf - I hadn't remembered that!

I am linking up with Coloradolady for Vintage Thingy Thursday.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vintage Thingie Thursday and Pink Saturday

The family and I stayed at a lovely little cottage on Cape Cod in Massachusetts a week ago.  Walking distance to the beach!  Sea breezes! The ceiling in the living room had been raised and where the crown molding would be, there was a narrow shelf - just right for displaying a selection of pretty vintage teacup saucers.  Probably long ago separated from their teacups.

We ladies in the family had fun picking out our favorites.  Enjoy these vintage thingies, and note the pink!
I am linking up with Coloradolady for Vintage Thingy Thursday and with Beverly at How sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.  I'll have little teapots from the same cottage next week.


Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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