Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for "------" for Dummies

There is a series of books here in the USA that offer instruction for the basic beginner on all sorts of topics.  The titles are all variations of "------ for Dummies".  Meant kindly of course.  I recall one of the first books was "Computers for Dummies".  Another was "Home Repair for Dummies."  Now you can find one of these books for all sorts of topics.  Some however, may not exist, but I wish they did.

Child Rearing for Dummies
Managing your Academic Career for Dummies
Attaining that Work-Life Balance for Dummies
Cooking Nutritious Meals your Family Will Actually Enjoy for Dummies
Losing that Menopausal Weight Gain Easily and Effectively for Dummies

Hahaha!  We can hope these titles will be delivered soon.



CommonWeeder said...

I think you have made some excellent suggestions for the Dummies concession. How about Cooking for the Disinclined? said...

Lol there's a few of those I could do with!

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