Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

April triangles

Some recent triangles. Frank's rick rack, on the left, is quite graphic. Generally I try to do each tri twice: for my repro Christmas quilt and then for my pink and white quilt. My numbers are moving up slowly. I'm beginning to really like doing triangles. There is a real sense of satisfaction when one is done.


April quilt blocks

Here are some blocks I've done recently for my 1800's themed Jane quilt, and some pink ones I've done for my second DJ quilt. I have a big collection of repro double pink fabric!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jane Inspiration: Architecture

In walking around my hometown with Jane Stickle's quilt on my mind, I see all sorts of inspirations. I wonder if she was inspired by architecture too. These houses were likely built after the Civil War but the gables are inspiring. This first house I call Jane's House - I love the diamond window with stained glass at the top of the dormer.

The white house is a few blocks away. What a delight! I want to piece a triangle like this. This is one of the older houses in town (other than the log cabin) and one of my favorites. Still has its carriage house to the side of the house.

The third house is right across the street from Jane's House. The gable window here is just like the block Quilt Jail.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Triangle Needle's Point - my solution

This is a triangle in the top row, #9, of the quilt by Jane Stickle. To do it exactly, you should use templates and either english paper peicing or inset seams. I 'm no good at either. So I added a seam line through the middle and put it together in three pieces:

I am having such difficulty in getting the pictures to be as I would like them. More practice I guess. I hope to add pictures of my recent blocks and triangles - I have done a bit since my last post.
Fabric used here is Dargate ribbons. A real eye-popper.
viridian61 at 63 blocks and some triangles!
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