Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Geology

Back to the A to Z challenge, after Sunday off.  But I was blogging - Sunday Stamps are featured on my other blog, unimaginatively called Viridian's Postcard Blog

I love geology! The other night I was watching Laurence of Arabia and noting the rock formations in the background, esp. in the beginning of the film.  For the aforementioned blog,  the theme was Rocks, minerals, or the environment, and so I featured these stamps:

Featuring tiger eye and opal.

I recently sent out this geological postcard:

Geology! It is more than rocks, it is the entire study of the earth we live on.


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Bob Scotney said...

What a brilliant postcard for geology.

Lisa Quintana said...

Well....I'm really glad that you love geology...given what your profession is. :)

Maggie Winter said...

Oh you'd love Brazil, bloody great rocks everywhere, it's fab.
maggie winter

Jeremy Bates said...

ok, so i live in a town in the outback, australia, called broken hill
its an old mining town... and all the streets are named after minerals!
oxide street
iodide street
it's worth checking out lol

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