Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Too much fabric!

I'm cleaning out my upstairs craft room, and moving stuff to the new refinished basement craft area.  It's amazing what I have found.  the fabric below does NOT include the three full bags of poly-cotton, uglies, and small pieces that went in the garbage.

These are the fabrics to be given away, maybe.  I then read Bonnie Hunter's take on scraps at her Quiltville site.  She reminds us that there is plenty of $$$$ represented here, and could we put some of the fabric to good use, in a scrap quilt?  And yes she has wonderful patterns to choose from.  So I read about her system, selected some patterns, and pulled fabric, and started cutting.

Her you see 3.5 inch strips, 2 inch strips, 5.25 inch squares,6 by 1.5 inch strips, and 8.5 inch squares.  the 3.5 and 2 inch strips can be used in many ways.  the 5.25 inch square will be used in a no-waste method of making flying geese blocks. See  http://www.patchpieces.com/files/flyinggeese.pdf for how this is done. The 8.5 inch squares are for Bonnies' Mountains Majesties project.

I have made progress.  I have come across embarrassments.  Like the red and black check fat quarter, never touched, with the date of 1988 on the selvage.  Or the fabric below.  I think this was a remnant on sale - that's the only excuse I can formulate right now.


(Colors are worse in person.)  Oh well. Cut into smaller pieces it may look OK, and if not, cut it into even smaller pieces.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A post for Clytie's random hearts

A pebble found a long time ago on a rocky beach near Rockport, Massachusetts.  So obvious even I saw it.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

VTT: Children's tea sets

I am joining Coloradolady this week for Vintage Thingy Thursday, and My Cottage Charm for Treasures and Trinkets Thursday.  See what other people are sharing - click on the icons above.
As Coloradolady suggests, when you have three of something, you have a collection...

Today: Children's and doll tea sets.  This incomplete set is from a Goodwill in Massachusetts.  It's the right size for a little girl to have a party with her dolls, or with friends.  Each piece is marked "Made in Japan".  I have seen this pattern before - just not at the right price.

The next two sets are sized for the dolls themselves - very small scale.

Again, incomplete sets, but I'm building my collection!!!  These two sets are newer, and probably just barely count as vintage.

In a previous post I wrote about a sugar and creamer set that I found, so, I now have 4 things in this collection!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

VTT: feedsacks, vintage fabric, cigar boxes

I am joining Coloradolady this week for Vintage Thingy Thursday. See what other people are sharing - click on the icon above. Suzanne has the discovered the fun of feedsacks!

Above: two pieces of vintage fabric.  Below: two feedsacks. Purchased at Brimfield.

I recently attended the Brimfield Antique Show at Brimfield, Mass.,  famous in dealer and collector circles.  There are a number of fields where vendors set up their tents in the front, and people park in the back.  There are many antiques, and a bit of junk also!  Let the dealing begin!  I bought a number of feedsacks, and  3 cigar boxes, probably not really vintage:

The box on the bottom is a de Rothschild cigar box, but it's just too shiny in the camera flash, so I cropped it.
It was so much fun, just looking! It was a great time with my mom and my aunt.  As ColoradoLady points out, there is quite a bit of fabric in these feedsacks - they are often 38 by 46 or 47 inches, so more than a yard of fabric.  The weave is coarser than most quilting cottons, but quite usable.  Sugar sacks used a finer weave fabric. Mine did not have paper labels attached.  I have already cut  into my feedsacks (gasp! yes) and the vintage fabric for pieces for my Whirling Stars quilt.  The red fabric above will be used for the border.  I have featured feedsacks before for VTT, and here I go again.  Do you have something you just have to collect?

Editted to add: I'm also linking in to My Cottage Charm Treasures and Trinkets Thursday.

PS. Next week: doll tea sets! Oh No!

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