Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Late

Yesterday I was Late in getting my A-Z challenge post up. Blogging everyday, following the alphabet, is harder than I thought. Getting closer to the half-way point however!!

Well, now it is 9 AM in the midwest USA so I am not too Late yet.  But it got me thinking.  Am I generally on time, late, fashionably late, or really late to most appointments in my life?  Looking back, I have moved from late to becoming more on time.  I didn't worry about it before, but now I am more aware of other people waiting on me.

And obligations. As a teacher how late am I on correcting assignments and getting these back to students?  I was good at the beginning of the semester, now I am getting late - in one class I am very bad indeed.

If you are interested, I am on Facebook, as Viridian61.
Although tomorrow is a day of rest from the A-Z challenge, I will be posting Sunday Stamps on my other blog,  I'd love to have you join us.



emmyleigh said...

Hiya, I'm enjoying reading your blog and I've nominated you for an award!

emmyleigh said... sorry, forgot to give you the link :)

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