Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Children

My children are near and dear to me, and occupy much of my thoughts. They don't occupy much of this blog however because I wish to protect their privacy. No real names, no pictures.

I did blog a bit about their adventures last summer when I had more time, and I linked in to Half Past Kissin Time's blog hop.  Then, their names were First Son, Second Son, and the Girl. I am just too busy now - but I am making time for this A to Z challenge.

I said I would not rant for this challenge but I feel  a rant coming on.  Let's see if I can be civil.

Yesterday First Son attended an assembly in the High School put on my State's version of MarriageWorks.  It's tough b/c I agree with some of their principles (respect others) but disagree with others ( abstinence is only form of birth control offered, marriage is the only relationship option, and heavens, it is only between a man and a woman).  This group is very conservative and closely linked to the Republican Party.  As you may infer, I am neither conservative nor Republican.  Is the High School going to offer another viewpoint?  Shouldn't values be taught at home, not at school?

OK, enough of that.

Raising and loving children is not easy.  Before Children, I had no clue about all the emotions parents feel.  My life is richer and fuller because of them.


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CommonWeeder said...

Raising children is not easy, and watching grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren being raised is not much easier. But the love grows too.

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