Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zed - I'm done

Well, almost done - a reflection post comes later.

Here in America, Z is pronounced 'zee'.  It wasn't until I got to graduate school and met persons from Britian that I learned about 'zed'.

No zebras or zippers in this post - though they did appear in my daughter's A to Z book, that I mentioned in my last post.

Like learning about zed my horizons have been broadened by this A to Z experience.  It's been a busy month, and I haven't been able to visit many other bloggers as I would like.  Thank you to the few who have dropped by here.  More reflection later.


1 comment:

Poke The Rock said...

it was fun, but I am glad it is over. at some point it felt like a chore checking out all the blogs but I did discover good ones!

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