Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is for Yo Yo quilting

Yo yo quilting is more of a technique than a pattern.  You cut circles (about 2 inches in diameter or larger? I've never done this) and press a small hem around the rim of the circle.  Then with thread run a running stitch around the rim (circumference) and draw up, and tie off.  Flatten into a circle with gathers in the middle.  Make lots more and whip stitch together.

My first picture below shows a close up of some yo yo's.

Next, a mat made of yo yo's.

This style of quilt creates a great visual and actual texture, without adding much warmth.  These kinds of quilts started showing up in the 1930's I believe, made with the bright pastel cottons of that era.

My mom remembers starting one of these as a child.  Her aunt started herself and a cousin on yo yo's mainly to keep them out of trouble.  I think the girls tired of it after about 6 yo yo's. 
Not for me either - too much work!


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Shonna Slayton said...

As I was reading, I was thinking...what a great way to keep my daughter busy this summer. Then I read about the girls getting tired of it after making 6 and had to laugh. Yup, that's probably what would happen.

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