Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Electric Quilt

...And specifically, the Electric Quilt Company, and the software they produce.

This is software for designing quilts, and I love it.  (Yes there is a significant market for this product - there are many quilters, around the world now.) There are many traditional blocks and variations in their block libraries, and one can choose blocks and play around with how they will look in different settings - without pulling out graph paper, like in "the old days."  When you have chosen a block, there are accurate cutting instructions: either by rotary cutting, templates, or paper-piecing.  There are plenty of helps, which are actually helpful!

I first starting using Electric Quilt software when starting my quilt in the style of Jane Stickle.  Such tiny blocks (4.5 inches) and mostly designs original to Jane!  I purchased the Dear Jane (R) software for myself for Christmas one year and spent that vacation going through the tutorials.  I would not have finished the blocks and triangles without it. Worth every penny.

No, I am not selling for the company!  :-)
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Stephen Tremp said...

Amazing. I wonder if the Amish would use it to make their quilts. Probably not.

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