Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xebec

X is a difficult letter to blog. I hope the blogging fairies don't punish me if I copy my entry from last year. (plus I liked last year's entry!)

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Finally, this morning, it hit me. What does this blogging month remind me of?

Why, when my daughter in kindergarten was putting together an ABC's book, and pasting in pictures of things that began with a certain letter.  There were challenges along the way, but all went well until we came to X.  I, of course, wanted my daughter to be different and inventive, and break away from the tired X-rays and Xylophones.  So I looked in the dictionary and found Xebec.  Its picture is below.

An older-style boat, used in the Mediterranean for trade.

But my daughter refused! "But mommy," she said, "That's a BOAT, and that starts with B!"

So off we went on the internet to find a picture of a xylophone.

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1 comment:

Tara Tyler R said...

your a to z posts are quilted with pretty squares of color ! ha!

great job - love that your blog/online name is the color of deep green

and also that you needed to find another x word for your daughter =)

nice job!!

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