Saturday, April 26, 2014

V is for Vertigo and Viridian

Getting close to the end, you can do it Viridian!

Vertigo: not the movie, though I understand the feeling.  For me it is dizziness when I get up or down quickly, or turn my head a certain way (usually to the right while trying to lie down).  The room spins.  Yes I have seen a specialist for this.  They did some head manipulation and the vertigo went away, but sadly it has come back, in a milder form.  I have adapted to it, and try not to move my head in the way that I know will make me dizzy.  And although would probably say it's a hoax, giving up diet soda and other forms of aspartame has really helped.  The vertigo symptoms are much less.  And when I have a diet soda or two, the symptoms are worse.  So I am drinking water now.

About Viridian: it is my on-line name.  I did not want to use my own, for obvious privacy reasons.  As I am a quilter, I wanted to use a color name or a name relating to color.  And not something like red-orange.  What to use? Puce? Magenta? Fuchsia?  Periwinkle?  Ugh, no, no, ugh.  And somehow I though of viridian, which I mistakenly remembered as being a deep forest green.  A swell color, but no, viridian actually means depending on the dictionary you use:
a bluish-green pigment or
a green pigment containing hydrated chromium oxide.

Still a great color.
That was more than 7 years ago.  And I have kept it since, and I am glad I picked it, and am not using my real name.
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