Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Flowers

Although they say Spring is coming, it isn't here yet.
Although my daffodils are up, the buds are not and they are not ready to bloom this week.  Maybe next week.
In the meantime: here are some flower stamps from the US postal service, showing late winter/early Spring blooms.  Enjoy.

"Each of these four stamps depicts a close-up view of one plant—(clockwise from upper left) amaryllis, cyclamen, Christmas cactus, or paperwhite—with detailed and colorful renderings of its blossom and foliage.

These winter-blooming flowers are popular potted plants, especially during the holidays when people enjoy them as gifts or as festive decorations. Just as these flowers brighten our dark winter days, these stamps will add a decorative and cheerful note to all your correspondence."

Who is at a loss for word today, apparently
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Nancy LaRonda Johnson said...

Nice to get us ready for the upcoming season.. though here it seems like summer today! This past week, it seems we had just about every season. Thanks for letter me know for sure what season to expect soon. :) Nice postages. Writer’s Mark

Linda said...

Nice stamps, do you have a large collection?

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