Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Eclipse

I was at a loss for today. What begins with E?

But then I saw on the internet that there will be a lunar eclipse on April 15.  Sometimes the earth's shadow partially covers the moon and lends it a bloody glow.

According to The Universe Today:
"This marks the first total lunar eclipse visible from since December 10th 2011, which was visible at moonset from North America, and marks the start of the first of two eclipse seasons for 2014. Totality will last 1 hour, 17 minutes and 48 seconds, and will be visible in its entirety from the central Atlantic westward to eastern Australia. Unlike a total solar eclipse, which occurs along a narrow track, a total lunar eclipse can be viewed by the entire moonward facing hemisphere of the Earth."

This will be the Europe/Asia/Africa side of the Earth so we in the USA will not see it.

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Tui Snider said...

I was excited to learn of the eclipse, but it's a bummer that it won't be visible here in the USA.

Still, I bet there will be some really good photos taken by those lucky enough to see it!

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Spacerguy said...

Unfortunately mankind are still exploring space with rocket technology and haven't got warpdrive yet but hey! This is only the 21st century. New follower.

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