Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Hope

Here are some messages I received in the mail recently.

"Keep your dreams alive." Lionel in Canada

"I wish you to feel love inside you too!  Because LOVE is everything our world holds on [to]!"  Anna in Russia

"Live well, laugh often, love much."  Michael and Sandra in the Netherlands

How did I receive these messages?  I am a member of Postcrossing, a program where you send postcards to strangers around the world, and you then receive postcards back, from a random Postcrosser somewhere in the world.  I have received back such warm and happy messages at times. Never any mean messages.  I try to send out positive messages too.

 These past few days I have been stressed and feeling a bit low so the messages above have given me HOPE.

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Lila Asnani said...

I love the idea of getting postcards of well wishes. How do I participate? Stopped by from the A-Z challenge. Happy Writing! :)

Suzanne Sapsed said...

What a fab idea! Will have to look into this - I really miss the days of receiving post that isn't bills and circulars! And I HOPE they've helped :)
Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

Maria Kristina said...

Hi Viridian,

I was just writing to another blogger who wants to start collecting postcard about our beloved site: :)

Thank you for visiting my blog (Connections to the World) url:

Perhaps you forgot, I used to be constant participant and I constantly visit your Sunday Stamps linky party. If you check my blog again, my label "stamps" has the most number of posts - 48! :D That's because of all the stamps I posted for your Sunday Stamps.

I am quite busy now having just relocated to a new country for a new job so I am just slowly getting back again into blogging. I wish to come back into participating with your Sunday Stamps.

I wish you a great week and I wish for us to visit each other more at least for now in the A-Z April Challenge.


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