Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Perkiomen quilt top: Blogtoberfest day 6

Ok, so I am not blogging every single day, but I am more active.  I came home early from work to finished my Perkiomen top:

The border fabric is a blue and black print; one I have had for many years.  Scraps were cut into strips for the body of the quilt, so this is a scrap-busting quilt.

The entry with the start of my project is here.
Possibilities are explored here.
Barbara Brackman's commentary on Perkiomen quilts is on her blog, Material Culture.

I also did a set of blocks in 30's reproduction fabrics and need to put those together in a top.  Working with depression-era reproductions is more difficult than you think.  So many of the fabrics are medium in value and it's hard to get the contrast between light and dark in the block.

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