Sunday, October 10, 2010

Knitting noddy

That is what I call this item.  However, it is labeled by the manufacturer (Susan Bates) as a French knitter.  Perhaps you have seen this before?

The written instructions were totally useless but the diagrams were helpful in getting me going.  I now have a little tube.  NOW what do I do with it?  However, the knitting, like my potholder making that I described before, is restful and rather therapeutic.  I am concentrating on the knitting and not on all the other things I usually think about.

On another front, I have started another quilt project (like I need one).  I bought a charm pack of fabrics from the Haunted Mansion line and I am going to make a small Halloween wall hanging for the holiday this year.  A very simple pattern: just putting black lattice strips between the charm squares, and few other fabrics I found that go with this line rather well.

Happy Blogtoberfest!  See tinniegirl's blog to see her progress.


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