Sunday, July 11, 2010

Perkiomen blocks: Possibilities

Start with a number of blocks similar to the one on the right (16 patch block). I described the beginning of these blocks, and why each block finishes at one inch square in a previous post.

Here is one way to arrange 16 blocks.  With the light/dark boundary on the diagonal, you can arrange these blocks as you would log cabin blocks.  This is called the Barn Raising set.

Above is another way to arrange blocks.  This format takes 20 blocks.
Below is a more complicated arrangement.  I did not have quite enough blocks  to finish it, at the time I took this photo.

The above design is based on a vintage quilt pictured in Barbara Brackman's blog, Material Culture, in a post on Perkiomen Valley quilts.  Scroll down to the bottom of her post. 

I now have enough blocks to finish this, and I'll show you the steps along the way, this next week.  To make it scrappy, pick rather light fabrics, and rather dark fabrics, and believe in the power of value!



heather said...

I really like the barn raising set.

Kathie said...

great quilt , one I have always wanted to make.

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