Monday, May 3, 2010

Whirling Star: New Project

As if I need a new project. But it's going to be a beautiful quilt.

First, I'll start with a vintage quilt that has seen better days. This was one of my very first purchases from ebay, lo these many years ago.

A somewhat unusual pattern, very energetic, and very bright with the red and green. The red fabric is weak though and is breaking. Certain other fabrics are weak too, wearing so much that there are holes in the top. Doesn't matter, I use this quilt almost every night.

Next: about a year ago, I bought a book on feed sacks (of course!) that also had patterns in it for recreating some classic 30's and 40's quilts.

Feed-sacks! by Edie McGinnis has some good information on feedsacks (not sentimental mishmash) and some projects I didn't care for, but also this:
A detailed pattern for my quilt! I've stared at this for a while now and I have decided that this summer is the time. As with my nosegay quilt (see this post) I have decided to use real feedsack fabric, vintage cotton scraps, whatever I have on hand. It helps that I recently purchased two box lots of mixed scraps of cotton and feedsack off ebay.
I could use reproduction fabric - but somehow the fabrics are too pretty and it wouldn't look right. Actually I am probably buying the pretty fabric, leaving behind the browns, navies, plaids etc.
I am using reproduction red for the corners, keeping with the theme of red in my old quilt. I am using new unbleached muslin, and yellow for the centers, so each block looks like a flower. Here is the first finished block.

This pattern finishes at 12 inches. In my vintage quilt, each block is 9 inches square.
I am excited by how this project is developing. I think I have enough vintage and new fabric to finish a lap quilt for sure, probably a single bed quilt.
So, alas, the nosegay wall hanging, the bunkhouse quilt - they are newly created UFO's (unfinished objects) - for now.
I'll post more as I get more blocks done.


Susan said...

Ahhh.... The energy of a new project. Both will be winners and I will be watching your progress.

Rose Marie said...

This is going to be a delightful quilt!

Martha said...

I love this pattern, Veridian, and your first block is looking wonderful with the red. For me, it is so exciting to meet another quilter who enjoys collecting and quilting with vintage fabric.

I have been collecting feedsack scraps on ebay/etsy etc. to make another quilt, and I have more than I need of some prints. If you have some larger scraps as well, maybe we could work out a swap :)

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog so I could find you.

Martha said...

How stupid of me -- my first comment on your blog and I messed up your name. Please forgive me, Viridian.

Roslyn said...

I love your block can't wait to see the whole quilt.

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