Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday Quilt block March 13

Welcome to my blog, where I post my progress on blocks, and occasionally post a finish!
Please see dearjane.com for more explanation of the 1863 quilt I am slowly reproducing in blue and white.
Doing these little (4.5 inches) blocks: sometimes complicated, sometimes more straightforward.  It's like a meditative walk, as through a labyrinth.  There is a certain process, and a certain order in which components are sewn together.

This is B-8, or Waterlily.

In this case, I adjusted the pattern for straight line piecing and assembled 4 sections, one for each star point.  Then, sew the 4 sections together, matching seam lines.  Press, and remove foundation piecing paper.  Then, applique each melon on, one by one, placing each one carefully.  Applique stitch by stitch.  I use freezer paper on the bottom and baste my seam allowances down.  (I struggle with needle turn applique.)  Cut a slit in the backing material, remove basting stitches and the freezer paper.  Press again, and admire.  It's a meditation.

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Quilting Nonnie said...

Your block is beautiful. It became even more admirable as I read all the steps you had to take to make it! This is for Dear Jane's Quilt, isn't it? More admiration! A 4-inch block with all that work! I'm almost finished with my Farmer's Wife and I thought a 6-inch block was hard. Good luck on your further blocks!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wonderful job on your block!

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