Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Finish March 30

Hello and welcome to Friday.
I picked up some new navy blue fabric in my travels and incorporated it into my ongoing project, Indigo Jane.  This is block D-10 or Battlefield:

Hmm, still need to trim this up to size! that is blue, not black fabric with bits of red.  I have picked up other blue fabrics - funny how each quilt shop carries a different inventory.  I have been helping out the local economy where I go!

Please see for more explanation of the 1863 quilt I am slowly reproducing in blue and white.

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Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Viridian,
I agree it is amazing all the different variety of inventory each quilt shop has. I rarely see the same thing at each shop other than the basics. Of course, we are the lucky ones with so many choices! ~smile~ Roseanne

BunkHouseQuilts said...

So Cute. Yes, it seems that each quilt shop has their own personality and expresses it through their inventory. Makes it fun for us....or maybe I should say, dangerous on the wallet!

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