Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Post #300, and Rednesday

Goodness, post #300!  I'll have to think about a giveaway.  And, I am approaching my 4-year anniversary of blogging!  So stay tuned.

Today:  a scan of most of a 9 inch block that I am doing for the Just Takes 2 project. This red is more of a tomato color.   I think you can see that this is the Jacob's Ladder block (it goes by other names too).  Red and white blocks look so wonderful don't they?  I see why this project is so popular, and why red and white quilts were popular in the past.

Quick note:  Instead of throwing this red fabric in the washer with other dark fabrics, I soaked it in the sink in hot water and soap - and the dye ran!  I soaked and rinsed until the water was clear.  But, it makes me wonder about other red fabrics I have purchased...

I am joining up with Rednesday at It's a very Cherry World!


1 comment:

ThreeOldKeys said...

sweet ... i love this block (it has to do with a family member's name ...)

my favorite, though, is churn dash.

i'm glad to meet you; thanks for stopping in at threeoldkeys.

i see you are a postcards & stamps person ... they are so fascinating.

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