Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday fragments - first time joining in

Mommy's Idea

Please check out the blog Half Past Kissin' Time for more Friday Fragments. You can click on the button above too.

Please be kind to this FF virgin. Is there a special term for that? A ffirgin?

This blog is about my quilting adventures, and to share my quilt blocks. I am approaching my 4th blog anniversary, and I will have a fabric giveaway in a week or two. My husband and I agreed not to share pictures or stories of the kids on the internet, for privacy reasons. Plus, maybe one of the three may run for political office one day. Wouldn't it be awful to have someone pull up old potty training photos?  So sorry, no kid stories here.

Sign you need more TLC at home: When the nurses prepping you for your colonoscopy are so attentive and gentle you feel you are at a day spa. So unlike work and home. Something is wrong with this picture.

I'm perfectly fine, and I don't have to go back for 10 years. I may look into a pedicure at a real spa however.

I just started a Facebook page to accompany this blog.  Who knew many people connect to blogs via Facebook? I am having trouble creating a FB button for this page.  FB says it doesn't recognize this web address.  I hope to fix this soon, but any advice is appreciated.
Cheers,  Viridian

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Tami @ Not Just a HOCKEY MOM said...

I linked my FB through Network Bloggers. It posts my blog post automatically. I am not sure if that is what you are trying to do.

bill lisleman said...

I agree with a comment left already - NetworkedBlogs is a good way to go. I assume that is the one Tami means but it's the one I use. I had a another FB blog page too and recently FB changed their service regarding pages and stopped automatically posting my post. I also have a G+ page and honestly I like G+ much better but I use both.

I think you are right about the private stuff. I've started to share a little more but I don't like to give any names out. I could not resist posting a few granddaughter pics.

Oh welcome to FF - it's better than a FB or G+ page.

Mrs4444 said...

Welcome! I hope your first time was good for you and not too painful. :) Thanks for linking up! :)

Are you remembering to put this address in with the http:// in front?

Glad you got that TLC; I'm sure it's warranted, under the circumstances. Having just had that, you might be interested in a very funny post about my husband's colonoscopy. If you want to look it up, use the search box on my blog and look for How to Practice for a Colonoscopy.

Have a great week, Viridian! :)

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