Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Project?

Of course!  When there is so much still to do on my Dear Jane project and Nearly Insane project!    I'll start the Just takes Two project (Click on button at top of my sidebar). It's inspired by the Red and White quilt exhibit that was in New York, which did look amazing!

 Near the first of the month and near the middle of the month new block patterns will be made available, for a short period of time.  I mulled over what to do, and decided on blocks made with 30's reproduction solids: nile green, bubblegum pink, clear blue, lilac, buttercup yellow, peach, aqua, and so on.

Here is the first block, done in a rose color.  I pulled out my stash, but of course I was low in some colors!  Off to ReproductionFabrics to buy more!

Second block:

This is aqua, not green.
I have done two others, which I will share tomorrow.  So far this has been easy and fun.


1 comment:

Susan said...

That Just Takes Two project is tempting but I am going to pass right now.......

I will enjoy watching your progress instead.

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