Saturday, December 11, 2010

We make pink Christmas cookies

I am joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.  First: My favorite holiday movie:  It's a Wonderful  Life, for sure!  I am aslo doing her meme from last week, favorite holiday recipe.

The cookies that are evil, right - the ones that made me gain weight.  Well I should have avoided them.  It was fun for the children anyway!

Mom's Easy and Way too Delicious Sugar Cookies

Buy prepackaged sugar cookie dough - the one that looks like sausage.

Following the package directions, slice and place on cookie sheets. Take out one stick of butter to soften for the frosting.  [oh dear, I think it's time to buy new cookie sheets!]

Bake following package directions; allow to cool completely.  Meanwhile, make a huge batch of buttercream frosting, following the recipe on the back of the powdered sugar bag.

 Tint the frosting different colors, being sure to include PINK.  And be sure to have PINK sugars for topping.  Here my daughter is demonstrating how to 'dip' your cookies into the decors or sugars.

Our finished product!
Happy Pink Saturday!


Abramyan Avenue said...

You know, I think we will do this this afternoon! It will be fun and the house will smell delicious! And most of will be EASY! Thanks for sharing!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Cathy said...

Those cookies look delicious. I'll have two with a glass of milk please. LOL

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season. What a lovely Pink Saturday post.

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


Donnie said...

Your cookies are so lovely. Happy Pink Saturday.

Pat said...

Beautiful pinks! Happy Pink Saturday. Cookies look delicious.

Anonymous said...

Awesome cookies! So cute. You know, I watched It's A Wonderful Life for the first time ever two weeks ago...and cried at the end. How I never saw it before, I don't know.

Jorgelina said...

Cookies look delicious.
Happy pink saturday!!!

Mary said...

I'll have two or three of those please. They really look delicious. I hope you have a great weekend and find some time to enjoy Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Baking with family is the best! Have a great week. Debbie

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Yum! The cookies look delicious.

Catlyn Berry (Cizz) said...

YUMMY! They look delicious!


Mermaids of the Lake said...

Fun cookies! Happy late Pink Saturday. Merry Christmas!!

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