Sunday, March 28, 2010

To make a Nosegay quilt, you have to really want it.

This pattern is also known as Bride's Bouquet. So many inset seams! Even using the sewing machine this is a painstaking job. Though on the up side, I was concentrating so much on getting this done right, I forgot about other troubles and cares.
I was cleaning out my sewing room and tossing stuff when I saw this pattern. It was part of a circa 1992 set of patterns that came templates printed on good template plastic, which i was going to re-use. -I've always liked this pattern, and vintage quilts in this pattern are rare, and prices are high on ebay. So I challenged myself to make a few. A small wallhanging. (ut-oh - fateful words?)

The muslin, green fabric and solid squares are new fabric. The six diamonds are vintage fabric. I've been collecting vintage stuff from the nearby antique malls and buying on ebay when the price is right. The pink on the upper right is from a feedsack, and the pink on the lower left is from a sugar sack. I have always planned to cut into these feedsacks and scraps anyway - they are not that collectible. why not now?

If you love this old fabric, why not enter my giveaway? you too can have some of my pink feedsack fabric. Deadline: March 31, 8 PM eastern USA time.


CC said...

Oh my!!!! This is such a beautiful block. As many quilt patterns as I have and have seen..I don't believe I've ever seen this pattern and it's just gorgeous. Your fabrics are equally as gorgeous..and I would love to be entered to win some of the fabric, and I know just what I would do with it. I am a Sunbonnet Sue applique kind of girl, and this would make her such a sweet vintage outfit. Thank you for offering such a sweet giveaway..

quiltfool said...

What a lovely block. But, I can only imagine that it took a lot of concentration to get it right. And, I love how you used the vintage fabrics on it. Lane

crazyworkingmom said...

I love it.I am trying to sew a nosegay quilt. I found a pattern on line. How to you keep the diamonds in the center from bunching up?

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