Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Merry May

This is post # 96, so getting close to post #100!
Merry May is block E-2 of the Jane Stickle quilt. Another block I put off because of the applique. But this has large pieces, so I would recommend it to a beginner, just tackling melons for the first time.
The melon that appears to be 'underneath' is actually two pieces, placed with the help of the drawing in the Dear Jane book. Applique in place, leaving the seam allowance that will be under the top melon in place, don't mess with it. Then place the top melon down, and baste in place so that it doesn't slide sideways. As always, I use the brute force method.
Add the borders and you are done.

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Karen said...

I'm using that fabric in my Red Delicious. So pretty!

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