Tuesday, August 25, 2009

C-5: Eye of the Cyclone

A big BIG shout out goes to Anina at That Quilt - this is 110% her method for constructing this difficult-looking block, that sends shivers down many quilter's spines. Here is a link to her specific directions with photos.
The idea is to approach this block by making two pinwheel blocks, as you do for block B-2. Then the clever part: a frame. [hits forehead, gently] - why didn't I think of that? Because I am not Anina, that's why. Above is my pinwheel block, and the frame, freezer paper on the wrong side. The curves are gentle here, and you just need to adjust the points so that it looks right.

Here is the finished block, next to the picture in The Book. I did not plan on reversing the colors but I am very happy in how it turned out. My one recommendation: choose a print fabric that you love, because you and other Janiacs will be looking at this block.
Thank you Anina!


Karen said...

I enjoyed making this block. Your block looks great! Love the fabric.

Thank you for your link, but be sure to corrected it under Followers, so that it links back to your blog.

Diane Patry said...

Your Dear Jane blocks are really beautiful. I finished my Dj in May2009. I am sewing the blocks together at present.

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