Wednesday, August 5, 2009

AARRGGHH! Papa's Star of course

Argh, blogger ate my first post. Not so fun doing this a second time.
G-6, how we Janiacs obsess about you. (Not Janeites – they obsess about Jane Austen. The two groups often go together though, as in my case.)
Ignore the housework and laundry, ignore your spouse’s/partner’s pleas for dinner, ignore your children’s cries for attention. Find that quiet place, take a deep breath, and start on G-6, Papa’s Star.

I have Electric Quilt’s Dear Jane software, and I was following variation 1. I paper-pieced the central devil star, and felt pretty good about how it turned out, even with one small star point. However, I should have noticed something wrong by the time I took picture number 1.

You see, the central pentagon is not a regular pentagon. The orientation of it to the outside pieces is pretty important. Mine is rotated one position, and I did not notice until too late, when I saw the triangle points (see the one on the left) were not matching. But, the block is done, it is even the correct size, and so what if one of my star points will be cut off. I’m Done! Argh.

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