Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday triangle May 11

Hello and welcome to Friday, almost the weekend!
I continued my 'Jane' sewing in the now-dry finished basement/craft room.  Soon I will have to pack up though, as we are getting new carpet and some new drywall after the mini flood.  Must sew while I can!  Here is one of my most recent triangles:

This is a triangle on the right side of the quilt as it is normally pictured, 5th down from the top.  Paper pieced, and applique of the one melon.

Please see for more explanation of the 1863 quilt I am slowly reproducing in blue and white.

Linking up with Can I get a Whoop Whoop, Finished or Not at Busy Hands quilts, and Finish it up Friday at Crazy mom quilts.  Possibly also Oh Scrap on Sunday (if I remember to link!).

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