Wednesday, April 11, 2018

J is for Jacksonville FL

I have spotty internet connections today, so my post is a little late.  I am blogging this month on mass shootings in America: remember the victims.  This is part of the A to Z challenge.

This account is from Wikipedia.

June 17-18, 1990, in Jacksonville FL.  On June 17, a man armed with a M-1 carbine shot a pimp and a prostitute.  He drove away, stopped and asked two young men for directions, and then shot and injured them.

On June 18 at about 10:44 a.m., the shooter parked his car at the General Motors Acceptance Corporation office located in Jacksonville. He entered the building through the front door, armed with his M1 carbine, a .38-caliber revolver, several loaded magazines, and ammunition packed in his pockets. Then, without saying a word, he immediately began shooting with the M1 carbine at two customers at the front counter, killing Julia Burgess and wounding David Hendrix with four shots. Walking through the open office, he then systematically moved from desk to desk and shot at the GMAC workers, deliberately aiming at those hiding under their desks.

When the GMAC employees realized what was going on, many of them escaped through a back door of the building, while the assailant started shooting at those ducking for cover. GMAC employees Janice David, Sharon Hall, Jewell Belote, Lee Simonton, Denise Highfill, Ron Echevarria, and Nancy Dill were also shot. The shooter then put the .38-caliber revolver to his head and committed suicide. In just about two minutes, he had fired at least 28 rounds from his carbine, hitting 11 of the 85 workers in the office, as well as the two customers. Six of his victims died at the scene, while another three died at hospital, the last being Jewell Belote, who succumbed to his wounds nine days after the shooting.

June 17
Louis Carl Bacon, 39
Doretta Drake, 30
June 18
Julia White Burgess, 42, customer
Drew Woods, 38
Cynthia L. Perry, 30
Barbara Duckwall Holland, 45
Janice David, 40
Sharon Louise Hall, 45
Jewell Belote, 50, died on June 27
Lee Simonton, 33
Denise Sapp Highfill, 36

June 17
Unidentified teenager, 17
Unidentified teenager, 18
June 18
David Hendrix, 25, customer
Phyllis Griggs
Ron Echevarria
Nancy Dill


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