Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Fragments April 6

Time to de-fragment!

I was ready to defragment on Wednesday, my last day of school before our longish Easter Break.  It felt like Friday too!  I went to Mrs. 4444's blog to find her Friday Fragments, but it wasn't there!  THEN I remembered it was only Wednesday.

What I did find was Mrs. 4444's entry on Anna's blog at an Inch of Gray.  I have been reading Anna's blog even before that terrible accident.  Anna's blog entry made me tear up - again- and resolve to do more with people I know who are grieving.  Especially months afterwards.

Anna's blog postings make me hug my own children tighter, and more often, much to their dismay.

Earlier this week, I was burning my Febreze candle to get the chili smell out of the kitchen. (Chili is great but the smell lingers!)  My second son said, "Mommy, may I burn my candle?" (His candle is the one I bought from him to support the choir fundraiser.) "Of course, dear," I said, thrilled that at 13 he used 'mommy', and reaching for the matches.  "I can light it myself," second son reminded me.  Of course, former boy scout, and 13, you can.

The Girl however is sure that we are the worst parents in the world.  She is 11, almost 12, and we would not let her go to see The Hunger Games with her friend!  Horrible parents!  And yesterday I washed her bed sheets and did not put the bottom sheet back on.  Bad mommy - you disturbed the 50 stuffed animals and pillows on her bed!  And now she has to put the bottom sheet back on herself!
I found her this AM in a ball, wrapped in a blanket, on top of the mattress pad, sheets still on the floor.  A sign of fun times to come in the next few years.


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I remember those teen age years [long ago, my youngest will be 40 next month]...anyway, one day, Love you minute...Oh I hate you...things like that. The raging hormones and peer pressure.

Chili? Got any leftovers? I love chili.

Keetha Broyles said...

Parenting is H - A - R - D

You have my empathy.

Laurie Matherne said...

Mean mom. You should let her see whatever movies she desires, no matter what you think is best. And horrors! You didn't finish making up her bed properly. Cruel. Cruel. Cruel.

Wayne W Smith said...

It is amazing how mature they are until they need you.

Mrs4444 said...

Loved Wayne's comment--So true. In her defense, though, I had making beds!haha

Anna is such a beautiful, strong, inspiring woman. Definitely a reason to hug your kids tight when you get the chance.

Thanks for linking up. Have a wonderful week.

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