Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fragments Apr. 13

Mommy's Idea

I am waiting on my morning coffee - anxiously.....

I don't think I have mentioned it before, but #1 son is developmentally delayed. (Oh V, tell it like it is, he is retarded.)  He is 15 but mentally about 7.  This brings various trials, some of which happened this week.
On Wednesday the Girl had asked and received permission to go to a ice cream store with her friends instead of coming home on the bus.  So when dad came home (he goes to work very early so that he can come home early to meet the bus) he wasn't surprised that Girl wasn't there - but he was surprised that #1 Son did not get off the bus.  You guessed it - #1 son decided to go to ice cream store too.  I suspected this, but still it was scary b/c we didn't know where he was.  When dad picked up the Girl at the prearranged time there was #1 son, so all worked out.  Sort of.

#1 Son ended up in his room and lost privileges.  The tough part was, he insisted he wasn't in trouble and I think he really didn't know what he did wrong.  He wanted to go so he did.  Dad picked him up so it was OK.  He kept trying to get out of his room.  He kept saying "I not in trouble!" Not even my sister in law, who is close to him, could convince him otherwise.  She was confused and troubled by this.  "Welcome to our world," answered my husband.

My sons received for Christmas a set of walkie talkies - real ones, not kid toy ones.  I think they have a range of a mile or two.  They have fooled around with them a little bit, but this week (yesterday) the 2 boys were using them and discovered that someone else was using the same channel -- and they talked to this stranger.  This happened when both Dad and I were working late and no adults were home.  I am indebted to the Girl for this information.  Second son gave one of the walkie talkies to a friend and only had one when dad came home.  It is gone now needless to say.  Second son was angry and defensive when we talked to him last night.  And he was furious with the Girl for "tattling."  I hugged the Girl and told her she did the right thing.  Good Lord this could have ended up much worse.  You understand why Dad and I rarely work late and go over our schedules beforehand to check on 'coverage.'  Yes, I realize things happen even with 'coverage' but we feel better if one of us is at home.

Well that is enough for one week.  Let's hope Friday is calmer. See more Fragments at Half-past Kissin time.


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Keetha Broyles said...

Raising children is SUCH a challenge. I used to THINK I wasn't getting through to mine - - - they looked at me with blank stares when they didn't WANT to hear me - - - and none of them had any kind of mental challenges going on. Can't imagine the extra effort required to raise one with those challenges.

Heather Smith said...

Hugs to you! Hope your weekend is quieter and less dramatic.

bill lisleman said...

Wishing you a better week. I've certainly have dealt with my share of disobedient teens. But having this additional twist would make it much harder. all the best

Wayne W Smith said...

Sounds like an interesting week was had by all...

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