Friday, March 16, 2012

Mommy's Idea

It's Friday at Half-past Kissin' time, it's time to join Friday Fragments.

It's 5:47 AM and I am wide awake.  This is not usual but I was woken up this morning at 5:30 by a big crash and a noise that sounded like broken glass.  My first thought was that someone was trying to steal the television and had dropped and broke it! Someone's in the house!
Then I heard a wail from the Girl's room.  We all ran out into the hallway and to her room.  Here's what actually happened: her alarm went off at 5:30 AM and she jumped up half asleep to turn it off, crashed into the desk and knocked over a metal jewelry stand with lots of earrings and necklaces on it (the crashing sound).  Whew.  But I am awake now.

March has warmed up tremendously now and my daffodils are blooming.  Yesterday I saw my first bushes and trees with a thin wisp of green and it made me so happy.

This week has flown by really fast!  Was it like this for you too?


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Diane said...

I can relate to your daughter's running into things when she first gets up. So NOT a morning person and this time change is kicking my tail!

It has been so unseasonably here all winter that our daffodils actually bloomed in January! Hardly anything left of them now.

nancygrayce said...

It is usually ME waking my husband up tripping into something in the dark! Poor girl!!!!

Everything is blooming here and it's pretty, but I'm betting we get another little bit of cold weather before Easter!

Mrs4444 said...

Sorry it's taken me forever to get here! ALL of my weeks fly by like the wind!

The wakeup crash cracked me up! (sorry) I'm glad she wasn't hurt or anything, though. :)

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