Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vintage Thingie Thursday July 27

Happy Wednesday! I am joining Coloradolady for Vintage Thingy Thursday.

I know these as dollhouse rugs, and they work wonderfully for that purpose.  I inherited some from my mom for my dollhouse.  I found out much later that these are premiums given away in tobacco products (cigars or cigarettes, I am not sure) to encourage smoking!  Back in the early 1900's of course this was quite legal, and done a lot.  More information is at this link.  I have shown other kinds of premiums on my blog before.

Happy Vintage Thingy Thursday!!



LV said...

Great informative post. I never knew about those and I have been here a long time.

Ann said...

Very cool rugs!! They used to give away all kinds of things to get us to smoke, NEVER did though.

Coloradolady said...

How interesting!! I am always interested in the freebies that once were the know it is ashamed that there are not more now days....but I guess no one would appreciate them as they did back then..still I love them. Happy VTT!

Queenie said...

These tiny rugs are so cute...anything made in miniature catches my attention, because I'd love to have my very own dollhouse...maybe one day I just will :)
How neat that these were given away with tobacco wonder there were so much smoking going on in all those old black and white movies.

Tammy said...

Those little doll house rugs are adorable. In Canada, nowadays, smoking is becoming less and less acceptable...tobacco companies are required to publish health risk warnings on the packages. Vendors are not allowed to display tobacco products. Have a super duper Friday.

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