Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tutorial: Half-square triangles

If you are interested in making a Perkiomen Valley quilt, you'll need a goodly number of these triangles.  And for that scrappy look, you will want these triangles in a variety of pairings of light and dark fabrics.

A top option is using Thangles, in the proper size for the block you are planning.  If you don't have these, try the method I show below.  It may be familiar to you, but maybe not.

Step 1: Cut squares of light and dark fabrics the proper size.  What is the proper size?  The size of your finished square plus 7/8 inches.  For my project, each square finishes at 1 inch, so I cut my squares 1 and 7/8 inches on a side.  For a finished measurement of 1.5 inches, cut your squares 2 and 3/8 inches in size.

Step 2: Draw a diagonal line on your light colored square of fabric.  Take a dark fabric, right side up, and place a light square, right side down, on top of it, all corners aligned.  See the photo below.

Step 3: Sew 1/4 inch to the left of the diagonal line on your light fabric.  Use your 1/4 inch presser foot if you have one.  See photo above.  You can chain piece a number of these.

Step 4: Take the squares out, turn them around, and sew down 1/4 inch away from the diagonal line, on the other side.  See the photo above - sorry can't see my thread too well!

Step 5:  Cut along the diagonal line with a rotary cutter and a ruler. Here I took the photo of the back.


Step 6: Press open, carefully.  It's easy to stretch these along the bias of the fabric.  Measure.  If your target finished size is 1 inch, the unfinished size of these units should be 1.5 inches squares.  Check to see.

OK!  I hope to put one more post up before a break, we'll see.  Stay tuned for instructions on sewing and assembling Perkiomen Valley quilt blocks.



Rosa Robichaud said...

Okay... Like I've done these before, but didn't realize how simple the "math" part was... *grin*

AND, I've added your blog to my favorites, also!

Tks !


Karen said...

Great tutorial and I like what you made!

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