Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quilter’s Roadtrip: Lebanon (OH) Quilt and Fabric Arts Show

Over a month ago I gave myself a treat and took the long drive to Lebanon for a quilt show. I was not disappointed, and here is a very very late summary. The show itself was March 5-7.

Featuring quilt exhibit, vendors selling quilts and other fabric art and supplies. Benefits Warren County Historical Society.

Red and Green exhibit: Inspired by 19th Century red and green quilts, 24 quilts made by members of The American Quilt Study Group. Also, a display of the Museum's red and green quilts.

From AQSG: “The purpose of the Quilt Study is for members to replicate, either exactly, or as an interpretation, a quilt of a particular style or period. In this way, members can learn from the textile the history, techniques, and perhaps something of the person who made the original.”

I’m sure they learned how patient the quilters were, how exacting the work is. My first glance at the exhibit: I thought they were small-sized antique quilts, and I was shocked that people were taking pictures of them, and the docents were not stopping them. That's how good they were.
Photos showing 4 of these quilts on display:
Blog pics, showing work in progress:

And the museum had some of their own on display. I just wish I could have gotten close to some of the antique quilts to really study them. Most were placed far behind a rope barrier.
I of course enjoyed visiting the vendors at this show and stimulated the quilt economy. It was also at this show that I saw a few quilts made primarily of double pink fabrics and white fabrics, the inspiration for my version of the Cheddar cheese and crackers quilt top, shown in this post.

I picked up a brochure for the AQSG and I think I'm going to join. Although their red and green project is done, I am inspired to pull out my truly antique quilt decribed in an old post and reproduce it, in its red and green glory. This is what it looks like after 150 years of hard use:


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quiltfool said...

The show looks fun, but what a wonderful antique quilt you have. It's a shame to see them begin to come apart, and yet I hope that mine are all loved to pieces just like that. Lane

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