Friday, July 22, 2016

New Purchase!

Last week I went to an antiques/vintage show with many dealers.  I of course was looking for quilts and vintage fabric!
I was able to purchase a wonderful quilt.  It is not dated but the fabric is from pre-Civil War to Civil War era.  Thank you to Barbara Brackman's books and her blog entries last year, teaching all readers about the history of cotton fabric in the USA that was used in clothing and quilts.
Here is the quilt:

It is composed of blocks in the autograph or chimney sweep pattern, but there are no signatures.

Close ups:

Love that turkey red, stripey fabric, and California gold!
The quilt is in pretty good condition, with some small stains, age spots, and some breaks in the binding, which appears to be original.
Overall, I am happy with this addition to my collection.

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