Thursday, September 17, 2009

World Series B-7

Well, back to the recent blocks. Since I have done Hunter's Moon (A-3), which has 4 melon shaped pieces appliqued to form a circle, I figured I could start on this one. First, I traced the pattern from the Dear Jane (R) book on freezer paper and cut out all the pieces. the center piece I ironed to the center of a 6 inch piece of green fabric. This will help me place the melons into position ( a hint from the Dear Jane (R) mailing list).OK. Now I placed the melons (inside and outside curves are not quite the same - mark your template!) and used the brute force applique method.

Of course, the melons can still look a little wonky. Mine are always off a little, but I am not going to undo the sewing. The white lines are chalk marks for a five inch square. This was to help me keep the diamonds in the block, and not extend into the seam allowances.

There is a 'short' end to the diamonds, and a 'long' end. Orient them correctly. After appliqueing two, with those tight points, I began to wonder if reverse applique might be a better way. Too late now.
As Brenda says, "Finished is better than perfect."

1800's Christmas Jane 130, 40, 1, 3987
Pretty in Pink Jane 95, 33, 0, 2983
Miniature Madness! 55, 0, 0, 776


searchfamilies said...

Your doing great much better than i could do or attempt well done
Hugs Janice

Karen said...

Excellent block! Love the fabric!

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