Saturday, September 5, 2009

C-7 Megan’s mountain laurel

Ok, back to some quilting content. Recall that I have the Dear Jane Software from Electric quilt which makes many things so much easier. I printed out the paper patterns, which have quite a few fiddly bits for the inner diamonds. You just have to slow down and take it step by step.
I decided not to applique the diamonds but to piece them. Just extend lines out (look at my seam lines above). I did this with previous blocks like Decisions, decisions, and yes it adds more small pieces to fiddle with, but for me anyway it reduces my frustration.


1800's Christmas Jane 130, 40, 1, 3987
Pretty in Pink Jane 95, 33, 0, 2983
Miniature Madness! 55, 0, 0, 776


searchfamilies said...

Nice Block, i have that program must say so far i cheated & gone for some very easy blocks & much larger but may be in the future, i admire anyone who is doing or does a DJ quilt well done
Hugs Janice

quiltmom817 said...

Very nice the colors but looks much too hard for me. I have both dear jane program and EQ5 but have not used them much yet.

Karen said...

Pretty block. Very clever the way you pieced it together.

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