Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cheryl's Clown BR 7

Funny, I always read this as Cheryl's Crown. Anyway. After studying this for awhile, I broke it up into sections. I looked at the photo of Jane's block, to see her seam lines. The Electric Quilt Dear Jane program will not let you break it up this way. I printed out the triangle on paper and paper pieced.

Then, match section to section carefully and sew them together two by two. Here it is, finished. It is close to how the original triangle looks in the quilt.


1800's Christmas Jane 130, 40, 1, 3987

Pretty in Pink Jane 95, 33, 0, 2983

Miniature Madness! 55, 0, 0, 776


jofridsquilt said...

this is very nice. I have not started on the triangels, but mabe it is time now. Jofrid from Norway

Robin said...

Are you going to make an entire quilt of these or is this to be a sampler?

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend

viridian said...

I am planning on making the whole thing!

Karen said...

Looks wonderful!

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