Saturday, May 30, 2009

What I'm not buying this weekend

Since I'm staying at home this summer, I need a comfortable way to lounge in my own backyard. Actually this is true, I don't have a chaise lounge. However I'll be visiting Wal Mart or Home Depot, not Plow and Hearth, I think.

I am not buying the Harris Grove Chaise Lounge:
The Chaise Lounge is generously sized (thank goodness) with a sturdy slatted seat and has a built-in tray that pulls out from either side (for left-handed or right-handed drinkers - lemonade, right - wink wink). Classic English Garden-style design features old-fashioned mortise and tenon joinery (huh?) for sturdiness and longevity. Rustproof hardware. Assembly required.

And cushions! Cushions not included.

Lounge $179.95 + $20.00 Extra Shipping Charge
Chaise cushion in Aqua Floral $89.95

$269.90 plus $22.99 +$20 extra shipping = $312.80 not spent



Margo said...

that chair looks just divine. I'll be sure to not buy one either. As a lefty, I especially appreciate the ambi pull out tray. Perfect for not going on a vacation... I think they're selling it as a staycation? Humm, on second thought I'll not buy two.

Marie Reed said...

Holy moly! What a price tag! I'll not be buying it either! Great post!

Suze said...

That does seem rather high but it would last so much longer than something with a much lower price tag.

I would not be buying that either but I would look at the quality of the purchase I made to assure longevity. Sometimes we are 'penny wise and pound foolish' according to Ben Franklin.

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