Thursday, May 21, 2009

vintage thingie Thurs.

This Thursday I am sharing some silk embroidered appliques that I bought on Ebay. They are quite vintage. I think at least some were cigarette premiums, early in the 20 th century. They were either inserted into a pack of cigarettes, or perhaps one saved labels and sent away for the appliques. Read all about these wonderful premiums in the article on, by Laurette Carroll. If you ever had little oriental carpets with fringe at either end for your dollhouse, you have seen one kind of tobacco premium. Ms. Carroll's article says that the embroidered ones were distributed in the European market.
There is a thriving trade in tobacco cards and textile premiums on ebay. Look under collectibles/tobacciana.


Margo said...

The things I learn here! I would like to have that rose on a little white cardigan :)

Miri said...

Oh these are lovely! I've seen cigarettes flag premiums but never silk embroidery appliques! thanks for link to learn more!

Marie Reed said...

That is just so nifty! Can you imagine something like that coming in a pack of cigarettes now!? Wild:

Elizabeth said...

I had those little carpets. My parents use them as coasters! I never heard of cigarette premiums, thanks for teaching me something!

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