Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Fragments May 31

I am back after a very long hiatus. I frag in the summer only - way too busy on Friday mornings during the academic year to get on the computer and prepare my post.  But I do read some of the blogs,and rarely, comment.

Last academic year: very busy, and I admire Wayne at Touristic for keeping up!  I taught an overload (extra courses, no extra pay) both semesters.  I really did not like teaching a class of 100 students in a room ill-designed for teaching during Fall semester.

Now; off for a couple of weeks, sleeping in, kids still at school - glorious.

Memorial Day weekend: a family get together, at a state campground, which was great, but rather cool weather, which was not.  A relative brought a DVD of the first season of Gomer Pyle.  I have decided I do not like Gomer Pyle.

I run a meme called Sunday Stamps on my other blog - Viridian's Postcard blog.  But I forgot to set up my post early and schedule it to open Sunday AM.  And, whoops, no computer at the family get-together.  I felt awful.  I have some steady contributors to this meme who put up posts and had no place to link them.  Better planning next time!

See other fragmenters at Half-Past Kissing time!

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bill lisleman said...

rarely comment :(
I enjoyed Gomer Pyle but I don't think I could sit through a whole season. Gollee that's a lot

Tiny little reveries said...

That sounds wonderful having some time to yourself while the kids are still slaving at school! Don't feel bad about the other blog link up failure - nobody's perfect. I like your blog background a lot!

Unknown Mami said...

A little Gomer Pyle goes a long way.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I never much cared for Gomer..
So glad you will be back and sharing Fragments for the summer.
I set up a bunch of posts before leaving for my last book tour and none of them posted...better luck next time!
I like your background too, so summery!
Have a blessed weekend.

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