Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fragments Aug. 17

Time to fragment with Mrs. 4444. She is apparently serving up a buffet today.

Mommy's Idea

I am up at an ungodly hour this morning.  #1 Son is up and needs supervision.  It's good practice too for when school starts next Wednesday.  Wednesday!  I need to get my syllabi ready!

I am NOT serving up red kool aid (or its generic equivalent) or cranberry juice anytime soon.  Sunday night in a rare moment of clumsiness, The Girl spilled fruit punch kool aid on the carpet in the dining room.   Then, on Monday night, she was fooling around with Second Son and spilled cranberry juice on the carpet.  Argh.  As my mom predicted, the kool aid is harder to get out.

Call me a bad mommy if you must, but I took all three kids to see The Hunger Games this week.   I had read the book a few weeks ago and wanted to see it myself.  It's scary in parts, but we all found it to be a good movie.

Otherwise, a quiet week - mom doing work on her computer, kids sleeping in or watching TV, visiting friends, or riding bikes.




Laurie Matherne said...

Red kool-aid! That can be a challenge, indeed. I liked the movie adaptation of the book, Hunger Games. I think it's appropriate for older children.

Unknown Mami said...

I would have thought the cranberry juice would be harder to get out, but then I guess that's why some people use kool-aid to color certain art projects or you can use it to make your own lip gloss.

Wayne W Smith said...

I know it feels weird to me not to be getting my syllabus ready. Sabbatical is nice but it definitely feels different.

bill lisleman said...

I saw Hunger Games months back I'm assuming it's the same one. It would certainly depend on the age of kids. It also provides a discussion about violence with your kids. I'm no expert but I think violence can be portrayed as just an exciting activity in too many movies and video games. I believe certain people lose the reality part of violence. I will say the plot is very interesting.

Keetha Broyles said...

I haven't "indulged" in the Hunger Games, but they surely do FLY off the library shelves, I can tell you that!

Karen and Gerard said...

We loved THE HUNGER GAMES and do not consider you a bad mother for taking your kids to see it. It was very good!

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